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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

We do not supply the blinds by themselves. We supply the unit as a whole – a double or triple glazed glass unit with a blind in-between. We supply both the magnetic system, and the motorised electric system.

Yes, we provide a nationwide installation service. Our team of fitters have many years experience in the installation of Integral Blinds, as well as the installation of double and triple glazed units.

Yes, we can conduct a professional survey to obtain the correct glazing sizes for your project. For more information please give us a call, or contact us by email.

Yes, we provide a full 10-year guarantee for our Integral Blinds, which is the longest guarantee in the industry. Our guarantee covers both the integrity of the sealed unit; protecting you from fog and condensation, as well as guaranteeing the blind mechanism itself.

Yes, in fact most of the projects we do involve our integral blinds being fitted into existing window and/or door frames. It doesn’t matter if your existing frames are Aluminium, uPVC or Timber, as long as they can accommodate sealed units that are 24mm thick or above, your old glass units can be popped out and replaced with our integral blind sealed units.

You don’t have to, this is one of the great benefits of having Integral Blinds. Your blinds will be hermetically sealed between your double or triple glazed glass unit, and therefore dirt or dust cannot enter the unit. As our integral blinds are manufactured in a clean and dust free environment, once they are sealed inside the glass they remain as they are, you only need to clean the glass as you would with your regular windows.

Pretty much, as long as the window or door frame can accommodate a double glazed or triple glazed unit of 24mm or above (the standard thickness we offer is 28mm), then they will work with the window or door frame.

Our lead time is 15-20 working days for supply only, as well as supply and install. Please be aware, we order the cassettes for our integral blinds once a week on a Friday, therefore your lead time will always begin on a Friday. If you order and pay for your Integral Blinds on a Monday, the cassettes would not be ordered until the following Friday, which is when your lead time would also begin.

Our Magnetic Integral Blinds are controlled by two small discreet controls that sit on the face of the glass, it’s much easier to watch our video here, which showcases our Integral Blinds.

Our slats are available in 10 colours; white, black, silver, grey, light brown, dark brown, cream, rose gold, RAL 7016 anthracite grey and a dual colour which is white on the inside, and anthracite grey on the outside. The frame of the integral blind is available in 8 colours; white, silver, grey, light brown, dark brown, cream, black and RAL 7016 anthracite grey. Please click here to request a free colour swatch. Please click here for a further explanation as to what we mean when we say ‘frame colour’.

Yes we do, we supply and install window frames and doors, as well as bi-folding door frames. We supply aluminium, uPVC and Timber, please contact us today via telephone or email for more information.

Our integral blinds are what we believe to be the easiest to operate in the industry. We use enhanced magnetic technology that is tailored to the size of every unit we supply, this ensures the blind control is swift and easy to use and slide up and down the face of the glass. This puts less strain on the internal mechanism which makes it more durable, which is why we offer a 10-year warranty.

Yes, our integral blinds are argon filled. The use of argon helps prevent the glass from deflecting inwards during cold weather, this is important as without the use of argon, the glass could deflect inwards and obstruct the operation of the blind.

Whichever glass you desire, although the inner pane should not be thicker than 6mm. We can supply integral blinds using fire-rated and acoustic glass, and we can also supply integral blinds using self-cleaning glass and solar control glass. Contact our friendly team today for more details. As standard, our integral blinds are 28mm in thickness, with a specification of 4mm toughened glass with Planitherm Total + – 20mm cavity – 4mm toughened glass.

15 - 20 Days Delivery

Our Integral Blinds come with a 3-4 week lead time, lead time will always begin on the first Friday upon placing your order, as we order our components once a week on a Friday.

10-Year Warranty

Our Integral Blinds come with a full 10-year warranty. Our warranty covers both the sealed unit; guaranteeing it against fog and condensation, as well as guaranteeing the blind mechanism itself.

Deliver & Install Nationwide

We deliver and install all over the UK, so it doesn't matter if you are down in Southampton, or up in Newcastle, we've got you covered. We can deliver Integral Blinds on a supply only basis, or deliver and install.

10 Different Colours

Our slats are available in 10 different colours, and we have 9 different colour options for the frame of the blind. Including White, Silver, Grey, Light Brown and Anthracite Grey.

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