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Magnetic Integral Blinds

Our rapid raise and lower magnetic integral blinds are the result of high quality components, and decades of manufacturing experience. Every single one of our magnetic controls is tailored to the size and weight of the blind it operates, we take the time and effort to do this to ensure the end user is getting a system that is very easy and smooth to operate

We supply only and supply and install our magnetic integral blinds UK-Wide, they come in a fantastic range of colours, they are made using the highest quality glass and components, they are energy efficient, rapid raise and lower, and come with a massive 10-year warranty!

What are integral blinds?

An Integral Blind refers to a sealed unit for windows and/or doors, but with a blind sealed in-between the glass. A sealed unit simply refers to the glass or glazing element of a window or door, that sits and is secured inside the frame. Sealed units for windows and doors in the UK are overwhelmingly what we call double glazed – which means the unit is manufactured using two panes or sheets of glass that are glued and sealed together, with a cavity, or space, in-between the two panes of glass. If we imagine a standard double glazed unit, we have the inner pane of glass, which is most commonly 4mm in the UK, we then have the cavity, or the space in-between, which is most commonly 20mm in the UK, this cavity is maintained using a 20mm spacer bar, which runs across all sides of the perimeter of the glass and maintains the distance of 20mm between each pane of glass, it is around the perimeter which means it is out of view once the sealed unit has been installed, and then finally we have the outer pane of glass, which again is most commonly 4mm as standard in the UK, this gives us a total thickness of a 28mm sealed unit.

What are integral blinds?

Integral blinds are partially exactly what has been described above – they are sealed units. The difference is integral blinds have a blind that exists and that is sealed into the cavity of the sealed unit, it is sealed into the space in-between the two panes of glass that makes up a double glazed unit, and it is then glued and sealed in the same way as a standard sealed unit, having the blind sealed inside of the sealed unit has many great benefits which we will go into shortly. Visually, if you were to look at our magnetic integral blinds, and at a standard sealed unit, there are two visual differences between the two, the first one is obvious and that is our magnetic integral blind has a blind inside the glass, the second visual difference is our magnetic integral blinds have what we call a profile or perimeter frame which is on the perimeter of the unit at the top, left, and right hand side. It is an aluminium profile which is also sealed inside the glass, as can be seen in the photo below or to the right. Technically, you only need to have the profile at the top, and on the side that you have your controls which control the internal blind, we put the profile on the opposite side purely to give a symmetrical look, but if you are concerned about losing too much glass from having the profile on both sides, you can just have it on one side – the side where your controls will be to operate the internal blind.


Benefits of Integral Blinds


Rapid Raise & Lower

This is very important and a common mistake made by consumers when it comes to choosing their integral blinds. It’s well known that across the industry there are many low quality systems that are difficult to raise and lower, the controls are stiff and it really does provide a poor user experience.

We use the latest enhanced magnetic technology when it comes to our magnetic controls. Our magnetic controls are the easiest to raise and lower in the industry, not only does this improve the user experience, it also puts less strain on the internal mechanism which makes our system more durable, which is why we offer the longest warranty in the industry, 10 years!



Magnetic Integral Blinds are by far the most popular selection among our other options when it comes to Integral Blinds. Our magnetic Integral Blinds are controlled by two small discreet control blocks that sit on the face of the glass. The magnetic control blocks are operated by hand, the controls slide up and down the face of the unit with ease; raising and lowering the blind, as well as tilting the blind open and closed.

The blinds move twice the distance that you move the controls, providing a simple yet functional system, as well as saving you time and effort. The blinds can be operated in the same way as a conventional blind; one control tilts the blind open and closed, and the other raises and lowers the blind.

Colour Matched Controls and Guiderails

Our magnetic control blocks always come colour matched to the colour of your Integral Blinds. If you look at the image to the right, you can see that the controls sit on the perimeter of the face of the glass, they can either be on the right hand side, or the left hand side.

As an free optional, we always offer guiderails that are also colour matched to the colour of your Integral Blinds. Guiderails are unique to us and are designed to keep the controls in place. Guiderails prevent the controls from being moved beyond the magnetic control zone, as without a guiderail, the control could be accidentally pushed beyond the magnetic zone to the point where it disengages from the internal magnets, and falls to the floor and becomes damaged. If you look closely at the image to the left, you can see the magnetic controls are slotted into the guiderail.


Magnetic Blinds Colour Options

When it comes to choosing your colour for your Integral Blinds, there are two choices to make, you have the choice of colour for the slats of your integral blinds, and you have the choose of colour for your perimeter frame and headrail of the integral blind. Although many consumers choose to have the same colour for both, it is also possible to have a colour contrast using our colour options. Find out more here.

15 - 20 Days Delivery

Our Integral Blinds come with a 3-4 week lead time, lead time will always begin on the first Friday upon placing your order, as we order our components once a week on a Friday.

10-Year Warranty

Our Integral Blinds come with a full 10-year warranty. Our warranty covers both the sealed unit; guaranteeing it against fog and condensation, as well as guaranteeing the blind mechanism itself.

Deliver & Install Nationwide

We deliver and install all over the UK, so it doesn't matter if you are down in Southampton, or up in Newcastle, we've got you covered. We can deliver Integral Blinds on a supply only basis, or deliver and install.

10 Different Colours

Our slats are available in 10 different colours, and we have 9 different colour options for the frame of the blind. Including White, Silver, Grey, Light Brown and Anthracite Grey.

10-Year Warranty on our Integral Blinds

Our Integral Blinds come with a 10-year guarantee, which is double the industry standard! Our guarantee covers both the integrity of the sealed unit; against fog and condensation, as well as the blind mechanism itself, giving full protection and peace of mind.

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