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Glass Options


Glass Options for Integral Blinds

When it comes to Integral Blinds there are many different types of glass that can be used, but you are restricted based on what your window and/or door frame can accomodate. For example, with uPVC frames they can generally acommodate sealed units that are 28mm in thickness.

As standard, our sealed units are 28mm in thickness, the unit is made up of 4mm toughened glass that has an interlayer of Planitherm Total + on the inner pane, followed by a 20mm cavity, and then finally another 4mm pane of toughened glass. Planitherm Total + means that the inner pane is low-emissivity glass which is designed for thermal insulation. The Planitherm interlayer reflects heat back into your home, while at the same time allowing heat and light from the sun to pass through. Our Integral Blind sealed units are A-Rated as standard.

Triple Glazing & Acoustic Glass

Triple Glazing is simply the use of 3 panes of glass instead of 2 panes. This provides great benefits such as increasing thermal efficiency as well as reducing noise pollution. We can supply triple glazed integral blinds, as standard the unit is made up of 4mm toughened glass with an interlayer of Planitherm Total +, a 20mm cavity, a 4mm toughened pane of glass, an 8mm cavity, following by another 4mm pane of glass.

Noise pollution is become an ever increasing concern, especially in urban areas. Acoustic glass is the perfect solution to prevent noise pollution for residential or commerical properties. Acoustic glass is made up of two or more sheets of glass, bonded together with one or more acoustic interlayers. The interlayers act as a noise dampening core, weakening the sound as it travels through the glass. For more information please contact our friendly team today.

Self-Cleaning Glass & Solar Control Glass

Self-Cleaning glass is a great solution for those out of reach and difficult and dangerous to clean areas when it comes to your windows and doors. Self-Cleaning glass has a transparent coating which uses rain water and light from the sun to break down any dirt and grime that forms on your windows, it simply washes the dirt and grime away when it rains.

Excess glare and heat from the sun can create an uncomfortable environment in your home. Solar Control Glass is designed to reflect and filter the sun’s rays, as well as block UV rays which may damage and discolour your funiture. The glass allows natural daylight to enter your home, and at the same time blocks the uncomfortable glare that comes with it.

Fire-Rated & Laminated Glass

Although mostly used in commercial properties, fire-rated glass is designed to withstand heat, flames and smoke for a given amount of time during a fire. Fire-rated glass is manufactured using a range of laminating, toughening and coating technologies. Not only does this glass prevent the spread of smoke and flames (known as integrity), it also protects against the heat of a fire (known as insulation).

Laminated Glass is safety glass, unlike standard glass, it will not shatter upon impact. Laminated Glass is made up on two panes of glass and has an interlayer bonded in-between, this means that upon impact the glass stays intact rather than shattering and falling to the floor. The primary purpose of laminated glass is to provide safety in the event that the glass is impacted. The glass will stay intact making it safer as well as a barrier to entry, it can withstand several blows.


Can I choose any type of glass for my Integral Blinds project?

Our Integral Blinds can be manufactured using almost any type of glass, but there are restrictions based on the thickness of a sealed unit that your window and/or door frames can acommodate, as well as a restriction of the thickness of glass that can be used as the inner pane with Integral Blinds. The inner pane of an integral blind is the side that faces into your home, this is the side where you control your blinds, and where the magnetic controls sit on the face of the glass. The magnetic controls work through a magnetic transmission that travels through the glass, and connect to magnets inside the unit that are concealed behind the perimeter frame of the blind. The thicker the inner pane of glass, the weaker the magnetic transmission is, and this creates problems as the strength of the magnet is not strong enough to control the blind. Therefore, we recommend that the inner pane of an Integral Blind should not exceed 8mm in thickness, the outer pane can be as thick as you want. For more information and guidance, please contact our friendly team today.

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