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Integrated Blinds in Sliding Doors / Patio Doors

We offer nationwide supply only or supply and installation of integrated blinds and sliding patio doors, with a full 10-year warranty

Sliding Patio Doors with integrated blinds are sealed glass units for sliding doors with a venetian blind sealed in-between the glass, operated magnetically or in a motorised system

Integrated blinds for patio doors


We can retrofit integrated blinds into your existing sliding patio doors

If you already have sliding patio doors and do not want to replace the frame, we can offer sliding door integrated blinds by retrofitting into your existing door frames. It is a simple process of removing your existing glass, or sealed units, and replacing them with our integrated blinds for sliding doors. When we supply or supply and install our integrated blinds for patio doors, it refers to us providing a double or triple glazed sealed unit, with a blind sealed in-between the glass, operated magnetically or electrically. It is not possible for us to install integrated blinds using your current or existing glass, we have to supply new sealed units in which the blinds are integrated during the manufacturing stage of the sealed glass unit.

We can supply new sliding patio door frames

We can also supply brand new sliding patio door frames, on a supply only basis, or we can provide a supply and installation service nationwide. We supply both UPVC and Aluminium sliding patio door frames, which come with a full 10-year warranty. It may be that you are having an extension or in the process of having a new house built, and that you require sliding patio door frames, or it may be that you want to have existing doors replaced with our sliding patio doors, or it may even be that you wish to have a new opening cut out of an existing brick wall in order to install a sliding patio door or doors. In any of these events, we can supply high quality UPVC or Aluminium sliding patio doors with integrated blinds, either magnetic or motorised.

Integrated patio door blinds

Are your existing sliding patio doors suitable for integrated blinds?

In the vast majority of cases your existing sliding patio doors will be suitable to retrofit integrated blinds. However, if the width of your individual glass panels is greater than 1.2m wide, it is unlikely you will be able to have magnetic integrated blinds, and the only option would be motorised integrated blinds. The best thing to do is get in touch with us, and our friendly team will be able to advise you on your options. You can contact us via our live chat in the bottom right corner of our website, or via email on hello@leadingintegralblinds.co.uk, or finally you can reach us by telephone on 0800 411 8632

Integrated blinds in patio doors

Why have integrated blinds for your sliding patio doors?

The first thing to consider is all of the benefits that come with having your blinds integrated into the sealed glass unit:

Why have integrated blinds for your sliding patio doors?

The benefits do not stop there, and there are great advantages of having integrated blinds for your sliding patio doors

Sliding patio doors with integrated blinds

15 - 20 Days Delivery

Our Integral Blinds come with a 3-4 week lead time, lead time will always begin on the first Friday upon placing your order, as we order our components once a week on a Friday.

10-Year Warranty

Our Integral Blinds come with a full 10-year warranty. Our warranty covers both the sealed unit; guaranteeing it against fog and condensation, as well as guaranteeing the blind mechanism itself.

Deliver & Install Nationwide

We deliver and install all over the UK, so it doesn't matter if you are down in Southampton, or up in Newcastle, we've got you covered. We can deliver Integral Blinds on a supply only basis, or deliver and install.

10 Different Colours

Our slats are available in 10 different colours, and we have 9 different colour options for the frame of the blind. Including White, Silver, Grey, Light Brown and Anthracite Grey.

Integrated blinds for sliding doors


Patio doors with integrated blinds


Sliding door integrated blinds

What our Customers say

"Just had glass installed Nadim they look absolutely fantastic. I'll send photos in day light. Buzzing mate it's completed our kitchen, thanks again pal."
Mr Coppinger
"Hello to the team, I just wanted to say thank you so much for installing the blinds. Really happy with them. They look great. Thanks."
Mrs Hussain
"Very professional, Nadim was always responsive and polite. Extremely happy with the blinds, the blinds are very easy to raise and lower."
Mrs McLennan
County Durham

10-Year Warranty on our Integrated Blinds in Patio Doors

Our Integrated Patio Door Blinds come with a 10-year guarantee, which is double the industry standard! Our guarantee covers both the integrity of the sealed unit; against fog and condensation, as well as the blind mechanism itself, giving full protection and peace of mind.

Integrated blinds in sliding doors

Integrated blinds patio doors

Integrated blinds sliding doors


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