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Sliding Patio Doors with Built in Blinds

Here at Leading Integral Blinds we offer both supply only sliding doors with built in blinds, as well as supply and install built in patio door blinds

Patio Doors with built in blinds refer to a sealed glass unit with a blind sealed in-between the glass, available in a magnetic or motorised system. We can retrofit built in blinds to your existing patio sliding doors by simply replacing the glass and not the door frame. Alternatively, we can also supply or supply and install new replacement sliding patio doors with inbuilt blinds

Built in blinds for sliding doors


We are able to retrofit Patio Doors with inbuilt blinds

We see many terms online today to describe built in blinds for Patio doors, including sliding door with built in shades or sliding glass door with built in mini blinds. Whatever they are referred as, we like to think of ourselves as experts here at Leading Integral Blinds when it comes to Patio sliders with built in blinds. One common question we receive is as to whether our blinds can be retrofitted to existing patio doors, and the answer is yes. If you already have your sliding patio doors installed with standard sealed units, and want to have your slider with built in blinds, it would be a process of us simply removing your current sealed glass units, and replacing with our sealed glass units with inbuilt blinds. You are not able to reuse your existing glass, we supply new sealed glass units with a blind that is inbuilt during the manufacturing stage. 

Replacement Patio Doors with Built in Blinds

We are able to supply top rated sliding patio doors with built in blinds, in both UPVC or Aluminium, with UPVC the more popular and cost-effective choice. It may be the case that your existing patio door has reached the end of its lifetime, or you are having an extension done and require a sliding door with built in blind, or it may even be you wish to create an opening in existing brickwork to facilitate a new patio door, whatever the reason, here at Leading Integral Blinds our friendly team can offer help and advice at every step of the way. If you are looking for the best sliding glass patio doors with built in blinds, look no further, we can provide free quotations for all budgets, whether it is a UPVC sliding patio with magnetic blinds, or a Aluminium Patio with motorised built in blinds, our friendly experts are only a call away offering any help and advice you may need for your project

Patio Windows with Built in Blinds


Are your existing sliding patio doors suitable for built in blinds?

The short answer is yes in most cases. If you are interested in purchasing new or replacement hinged patio doors with built in blinds from us, we of course will ensure we talk you through the various options and will of course ensure the sliding patio will be compatible with our built in blinds. If you have an existing sliding patio, in most cases we would be able to retrofit our inbuilt blinds by replacing the glass units, your existing patio doors must be able to accommodate a  sealed glass unit of a thickness of 24mm or above, don’t worry, this is something our surveyors would be able to ascertain on a free survey. If you have oversized patio doors, for example if each individual glass panel in your patio is wider than 1.2 per panel, then it may not be possible to have magnetic integral blinds and you would have to explore the motorised options which are powered via a battery pack or the mains. If you would like to know what your options are when it comes to retrofitting built in blinds to your existing patio doors, and one of our friendly experts would love to ask you the right questions in order to advise you on your options.

We offer bespoke sliding patio doors with built in blinds

We most commonly manufacture our sliding patio doors to bespoke sizes provided by the client, or from measurements taken by our surveyor when we carry out a supply and installation project. However, we sometimes get asked about stock sizes, we offer various stock sizes for our sliding patio doors, although stock is limited, and it is best to give or a call or email with your requirements so that we can handle your enquiry. Some of the stock sizes are offer are as follows:

60 Inch Patio Doors with Built in Blinds

96 Inch Sliding Patio Doors with Built in Blinds

8 foot Sliding Patio Doors with Built in Blinds

Because we offer the highest quality UPVC and Aluminium profiles on the market, along with an unrivalled built in blinds system manufactured here in the UK, we truly do offer the best sliding patio door with built in blinds.

Blinds built into sliding glass door


Why have inbuilt for your sliding patio doors?

There are many advantages to having built in shades for sliding glass doors:

Why have sliding patio doors with built in shades

There are many more reasons to have glass patio doors with built in blinds:

Brown Sliding Patio Doors with Built in Blinds


15 - 20 Days Delivery

Our Integral Blinds come with a 3-4 week lead time, lead time will always begin on the first Friday upon placing your order, as we order our components once a week on a Friday.

10-Year Warranty

Our Integral Blinds come with a full 10-year warranty. Our warranty covers both the sealed unit; guaranteeing it against fog and condensation, as well as guaranteeing the blind mechanism itself.

Deliver & Install Nationwide

We deliver and install all over the UK, so it doesn't matter if you are down in Southampton, or up in Newcastle, we've got you covered. We can deliver Integral Blinds on a supply only basis, or deliver and install.

10 Different Colours

Our slats are available in 10 different colours, and we have 9 different colour options for the frame of the blind. Including White, Silver, Grey, Light Brown and Anthracite Grey.

Sliding Back Door with Built in Blinds


Energy efficient Patio Doors with Built in Blinds


Sliding door integrated blinds


We are sometimes asked what are the best patio doors with built in blinds, or the best rated patio doors with built in blinds, or the best sliding glass doors with built in blinds, it is almost the same question phrased differently, and the truth is in depends on your budget and the size of your openings where your doors will be fitted, please get in touch with us and we will be able to advise the best options for you

What our Customers say

"Just had glass installed Nadim they look absolutely fantastic. I'll send photos in day light. Buzzing mate it's completed our kitchen, thanks again pal."
Mr Coppinger
"Hello to the team, I just wanted to say thank you so much for installing the blinds. Really happy with them. They look great. Thanks."
Mrs Hussain
"Very professional, Nadim was always responsive and polite. Extremely happy with the blinds, the blinds are very easy to raise and lower."
Mrs McLennan
County Durham

10-Year Warranty on our Best Sliding Patio Doors with Built in Blinds

Our Integrated Patio Door Blinds come with a 10-year guarantee, which is double the industry standard! Our guarantee covers both the integrity of the sealed unit; against fog and condensation, as well as the blind mechanism itself, giving full protection and peace of mind.

Patio Door with Built in Blind


Sliding Doors with Shades Built In


Sliding Glass Patio Door with Built in Blinds


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